United nations security council (unsc)

United nations Security Council has the primary duty of maintaining peace and security around the world under the UN charter. Security council determines whether a peace operation will hold or not.

united nations high commissioner for refugees (unhcr)

UNHCR was created in 1950 after the devastation of world war II. It’s main concern is to provide non political assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced people and even returnees to seek permanent solution.

united nations environment programme (unep)

United nations Environmental Programme is the leading program of UN which works on establishing environmental standards using its expertise and help implementing the standards on global or regional level.

international atomic energy agency (iaea)

International Atomic Energy Agency promotes peaceful use of nuclear energy and prevents any military usage which could be used against humanity.

united nations economic and social council (ecosoc)

ECOSOC promotes higher standards of living, full payment as well as higher social and economic progress which are helping countries to solve social, cultural and health problems.

international press (ir)

In a MUN conference, where every delegate is representing their country and proposing solutions while keeping their countries interests unharmed, the delegate of international press gets to be an unbiased person who can investigate on the contents of the conferences, take interviews and cover press conferences.