Why hstuimun

Students need to learn negotiation and problem solving skills in order to solve any kind of crisis, in HSTUIMUN they will be given all the opportunities to solve any kind of issues.

  • MUN allows for them to form and develop their opinions by presenting all sides to an issue
  • MUN allows students to discuss the effects of and solutions to the political and social issues that are prevalent in today's world.
  • By participating in MUNs, knowledge of the world will increase tremendously as represent a country at a ‘global’ level and interact with other delegates representing other countries.


You can have a lot more with us besides a conference. It’s not just a conference, it’s a whole package of career building skills which you can learn all in one place.

  • Networking
  • Critical thinking
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Diplomacy
  • United Nation conference's Atmosphere

It's time to start your adventures

Register to our event and start your adventure of diplomacy. Hope to meet you soon in the IMUN.

Delegate registration

Represent your country along with the agenda and fight for the best interests of your nation.

campus ambassador

Represent HSTUMUNA in your campus by becoming one of us.

Executive Board registration

Conduct the committee session with your expertise and experience. Let us have the honour to have you with us.